How to Perform WordPress Security Scans in Acunetix WP Security

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The sixth step of the guide to the Acunetix WordPress Security plugin will show you how to create a file scan using the plugin, which will scan your website files on certain days, hours, months and keep your website safe with a regular scan.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down the left-hand sidebar to ‘WP Security’, and then click on ‘WP File Scan’ from the dropdown.


Step 2) The WP File Scan will allow you to see the results of scans, depending on when you last had your WordPress core files scanned. You can choose from the dropdown provided to see the scan results for that day (by choosing Today), or by choosing ‘Yesterday, ‘2 days ago’ and further back. Click scan to get your results.


Step 3) When a scan has been called for, it will take a few minutes to bring up the results (as shown below).


Step 4) Once the scan is completed, it will be logged (right-hand side) and ‘Scan Complete’ can be seen (as shown below) with the date and time of the scan on display. You can click on the blue link ‘View Report’ to see the full results from the scan.


Step 5) By clicking ‘View Report’, it will open up the full scan report, and show which files have been modified or not found when your site has been scanned. You can delete the scan report by clicking the blue button shown below.



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