Monitoring Live Traffic in Acunetix WP Security

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The final step of the guide to the Acunetix WordPress Security plugin takes a look at the Live Traffic option, which tracks all the traffic coming into your website in real-time to ensure that everything is safe and proper.

Step 1) From the left-hand sidebar of your websites Dashboard, scroll down and click on ‘WP Security’, and then choose ‘Live Traffic’ from the dropdown menu provided.


Step 2) When you have traffic coming into your site, you will see ‘Live Activity’ of what people are coming to on the page shown below. You can set the refresh rate for longer than the default 10 seconds if you wish, depending on how often you want to check your live traffic updates. By clicking the blue ‘Update Settings’ button, you can manually refresh the page. If you are having a lot of traffic on your site, you can increase the maximum number of entries, which is set at 500.


Step 3) If you want to delete your entries at any time, click the red ‘Delete All’ button to return to zero entries and continue with the live traffic feed.



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