How to add the AccessPress Social Icons Widget

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The final step of the WordPress plugin guide for AccessPress Social Icons will show you how to use the AccessPress Widget to add social icons to the sidebar of your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Admin Panel, choose Appearance >> Widgets to be taken to your Widgets page.


Step 3) On the Available Widgets section on the left-hand side, click on AccessPress Social Icons. You will be able to choose which sidebar or section your social icons will appear on your site by ticking your desired placing. Click Add Widget to finish the process.


Step 4) Another way to do the same as Step 3 is to drag and drop the AccessPress Social Icons widget into the desired sidebar or section.


Step 5) Once your Widget is in place, a host of options will appear. The first port of call is to give your Widget a title. This will appear on the Frontend, so give it a title such as Social Icons so that your users know what it is for. The next step is to choose an icon set. A dropdown menu provides you with your list of created social icon lists. Simply choose the one you wish to add, and then click Save.


Step 6) Head to the Home Page of your website. You will see that your chosen Social Icons set is now in the sidebar of your website.


This concludes our guide of the AccessPress Social Icons plugin.

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