How to Add Author Snippets to a Product with Google SEO Author Snippets

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The third step of the guide to the plugin will show you how to add Google SEO Author Snippets to a product page on an e-commerce website that is WooCommerce enabled.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To add a new Product, scroll down the Admin Panel and choose Products >> Add Product from your sidebar.


Step 3) In the top right-hand corner, click on Screen Options to bring down your options, and then tick the box marked Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets.


Step 4) Scroll down to the very bottom of your Product page, where you will find the Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets section. You will find a toolbar that includes different sections of the Rich Snippets, including People, Organisation, Events, Products, Music, Receipes, Software, Videos and Review.


Step 5) On the People section, you can add many details, including Name, Home Page URL, address, affiliation, etc.


Step 6) On the Organisation section, you can enter Name, URL, address, telephone number, business logo, longitude and latitude and more.


Step 7) The Events section is where you can set details for any offers and events that might be being held, including setting dates and deadlines, URLs, descriptions, photos and more.


Step 8) Use the Products section to fill out details for your products, including the name and SKU, adding an image and description, setting an offer up and much more.


Step 9) If your Product is Music based, you can set the details for your Music here, including adding buying links for the tracks and albums.


Step 10) If your Product is food related, the Receipes section can be used to add details of the author, including the publishing details, photos and more.


Step 11) If the product is Software related, you can use the various options provided in the rich snippets section to optimise your post for Google.


Step 12) If your product has any Videos to accompany the product, you can add links, thumbnails and more info in the Videos section of the Rich Snippets toolbar.


Step 13) Add Reviews to your Products by using this section of the toolbar, including the rating, item reviewed, date of review and more.


The next step of the guide will show you How to Add Author Snippets to a User Profile with Google SEO Author Snippets.


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