How to Add Calendar Widgets with Google Calendar Events

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The third step of the guide to the Google Calendar Events WordPress plugin will guide you through the process of adding the Google Calendar Events widget to the sidebars of your website.

Step 1) To find your widgets, scroll down your Dashboard’s sidebar until you find Appearance, and click on Widgets from the dropdown options. This will take you through to the widgets page.


Step 2) On your widgets page, scroll down the list (it’s in alphabetical order) until you find Google Calendar Events.


Step 3) When you click on the widget, you will be given a list of options of where to place your widget, depending on which sidebars are available on your WordPress theme. You can click on the placement you want, or drag and drop the widget into the sidebar you prefer.


Step 4) Once your widget is in its rightful place, the options for the widget appear. Give your widget a name, then enter the Feeds you wish to display (head to your Feeds page to find the 3 digit number required), separated by commas. You can choose to show your calendar as a grid or a list, and choose how many events you want to show, and in what order.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Add a Calendar Feed with Google Calendar Events


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