How to Add a Call to Action to Your Site Using WebMan Amplifier

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In this article we will show you how to add a Call to Action to your website using the WebMan Amplifier WordPress plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, choose Posts >> Add New to open a new post.


Step 3) On your new post, you will see a [S] symbol. This is where your WebMan Amplifier shortcodes are hiding.


Step 4) Open up the list of shortcodes, and scroll down to Call to Action. Click on this to add the shortcode to your post.


Step 5) The shortcode for your Call to Action will now be added to your post. From here, you can add text, alter the size and location of your button, and more.


Step 6) The first step in the creation of your Call to Action is to edit the button text, as shown below.


Step 7) The next step is to add a URL to your Call to Action. This is the web link that your users will be sent to when you create your button.


Step 8) You can change the colour of your button by deleting the other colours shown below and leaving in the colour you want.


Step 9) To edit the size of the Call to Action button, take out the sizes that you don’t want and leave in the size you want.


Step 10) Using the button icon and class section, you can set the button icon, and then add shadow, a border and make many other CSS changes by adding them here.


Step 11) The next step is to set the Call to Action text, which is done by replacing the words TEXT with the words you want for your CTA.


Step 12) When you’ve finished writing your post and setting your call to action shortcode, click on the Publish button on the right hand side.


Step 13) Once your post has been checked for spelling errors and gone live, click on the View Post link at the top of the page to see how your Call to Action looks on your site.


Step 14) Below is an example of a Call to Action button created using the shortcode provided via the WebMan Amplifier plugin.


This concludes our guide of the WebMan Amplifier plugin.


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