How do I add a Favicon to WordPress without a plugin?

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I do not want to add another plugin, but I want to use a favicon for my site. How do I get them to show up?

Adding a favicon to your WordPress site without a plugin is easy, but you will require FTP access to achieve this.

A favicon needs to be 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, or 64×64 pixels in size, and ideally .ico format, as that’s whats compatible across all browsers.

Step 1) Choose a favicon

I’m starting with this 32 x 32 px image. favicon

Step 2) Creating the .ico favicon

If you don’t have a program that can save your favicon in .ico format, you can use an online tool such as Favicon Generator.

Upload your image and create the favicon, saving it to your computer somewhere.

Step 3) Uploading the Favicon

Using your FTP credentials (available from your host) or the in-browser file manager that’s part of your control panel, upload your favicon.ico into the root directory

FTP file manager

Step 4) Confirm the Favicon Works

Visit your website and check to see the favicon is displaing

wpkb no favicon

wpkb favicon

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