How to Add an Image Gallery to a Post with Foo Gallery

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The fourth part of the guide to the Foo Gallery WordPress Plugin will guide you through the process of adding your new gallery to a Post on your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Dashboard, choose FooGallery >> Galleries to be taken to the Galleries page. From here, copy the Shortcode of the Gallery you will be adding to your post.


Step 3) The step is to start a new post. To do this, choose Posts >> Add New from the sidebar of your Dashboard.


Step 4) In the main body of your Post, paste your Gallery Shortcode wherever you would like it to feature. WordPress will automatically detect it and add it to your Post as shown below. You can edit your Gallery entries by clicking on the pencil icon on the top-left of the gallery.


Step 5) Finish writing the rest of your post, and then click Publish on the right-hand side. You can then view your finished post with the gallery successfully added.


Step 6) Below is an example of how your gallery will look once it has been successfully added to a published post.


The next step of the guide will focus on Adding Extensions to Foo Gallery.


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