How to Add an Instagram Slider Widget to a Post

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The final step of the Instagram Slider Widget guide will show you how to take a newly created slider and add it into a new or existing WordPress post.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Dashboard sidebar, click on Appearance >> Widgets to be taken to the main widgets page.


Step 3) On the far right, click on Instagram Slider to open up your widget settings.


Step 4) Scroll to the bottom of the settings and you will find your widget shortcode. Copy this, as you will have to Paste it into a post or page later on.


Step 5) Once you have copied the widget shortcode, head to Posts >> Add New from the Dashboard. (You can do the same with an existing Post or to a new or existing Page, but for arguments sake, we’re showing you how to add a slider to a new Post).


Step 6) In the main body of the post, Paste your Shortcode into the place where you would like the slider to appear in your post, and hit Publish when the post is complete.


Step 7) When you view your Post, your Instagram Slider will now appear based on the Settings you have chosen. Your Instagram image will be accompanied by a link to your Instagram account and the text that accompanied the image. Flick from one image on your slider to the next using the Navigation Tool.


That concludes our guide to the Instagram Slider Widget WordPress Plugin. Let us know if you have any questions and/or queries and we’ll try and help the best that we can. In the meantime, enjoy the plugin!


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