How to Control Link Appearance in Add Link to Facebook

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The third step of the guide to the Add Link to Facebook WordPress plugin is to look at the additional features of the plugin, which continues with the appearance of your website once it is displayed on your Facebook page.

Step 1) On the ‘Add Link to Facebook’ page, scroll down to ‘Additional Settings’ and choose ‘Appearance’ from the toolbar.


Step 2) The first course of action is to tick the box marked ‘Use site title as caption’, if you wish to do so.


Step 3) Tick the box marked ‘Use excerpt as message’ if you want the initial message to be an excerpt of your Home Page.


Step 4) If you want the excerpt to be automatically generated, tick the box provided.


Step 5) Enter an opening message into the box for ‘Text Trailer’. It should look to entice readers in, hence the example ‘Read more…”


Step 6) Enable a short URL (if available) by ticking the box provided.


Step 7) Tick the box marked ‘Keep hyperlinks’ if you wish for hyperlinks to be left in your text. The title hyperlink will be removed if you tick the box.


Step 8) The Privacy settings is for enabling the Facebook link to be available on the personal wall of users, from the admin, to your friends, to everyone.


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