Enabling Facebook Registration and Login in WP with Add Link to Facebook

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The fifth step of the guide to the Add Link to Facebook WordPress plugin is to look at the additional features of the plugin, which continues with the login settings that connects your site to your Facebook page instantly.

Step 1) Scroll down the ‘Add Link to Facebook’ page until you get to Additional Settings, and then choose ‘Login’ from the toolbar.


Step 2) The first step is to set up the registration section. Change the width of the box, and the login width in the boxes provided.


Step 3) To link up your Facebook and website, you need to put the URLs for your login, registration success and login redirect in the boxes provided.


Step 4) Tick the box provided if you want to allow adding links with login, which is where you allow users to share links on Facebook with or without logging in first.


Step 5) You can set the text or HTML that shows when you are logged in to Facebook via your website by adding it in the box provided.



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