Customizing How Content is Shared with Add Link to Facebook

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The penultimate step of the guide to the Add Link to Facebook WordPress plugin takes a look at controlling how content is shared and more.

Step 1) Scroll down the ‘Add Link to Facebook’ page until you get to Additional Settings, and then choose ‘Misc’ from the toolbar.


Step 2) You can choose to add links and videos by default, or add them manually when you publish posts to Facebook, by ticking the boxes below. You can also decide whether or not you want to show a summary in the post list once they are live.


Step 3) Tick the boxes below if you want to add links for new pages, and to show links in the added link on Facebook. This will encourage more people to head to your Facebook page from your WordPress site.


Step 4) Tick the box below if you don’t want to show social plugin in your post excerpts, e.g. Like Button, Subscribe, etc.


Step 5) You can add Facebook character encoding if you are having issues when people are sharing your content. If you’re not, leave it blank to use the default. You can change your Facebook locale (which in turn will change your character encoding) if you are not based in the US or an English speaking country.


Step 6) Extra URL parameters are when there are different functions added to your links (e.g. link shorteners, social media link shares, Google Analytics. You can add these to your links yourself in the box provided.


Step 7) You can clear all your error messages after they appear by ticking the box provided.



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