How to Add a New Image Gallery with Foo Gallery

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The third part of the guide to the Foo Gallery WordPress Plugin will guide you through the process of adding a new gallery to your website using the tools of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Dashboard, click on FooGallery >> Add Gallery to get started.


Step 3) On the Add New Gallery page, start by adding a title to your Gallery, and then click on Add Media to add pictures via your Media Library or computer.


Step 4) Use Upload Files or Media Library to add pics from your computer or Media Library respectively, and add the images you wish to include in your gallery by adding them individually.


Step 5) When you return to the Add New Gallery page, you will find your images lined up. You can shuffle these around using drag and drop, or leave them as they are.


Step 6) The next step is to set the Gallery Template that will be used when the gallery goes live at the frontend. The choices are Responsive Image Gallery (which will work on any desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile device), Masonry Image Gallery, Simple Portfolioor a Justified Gallery.


Step 7) The Thumbnail Settings are used to determine the Width, Height, Link (whether the image links to the full size image, an image attachment page, a custom URL or nothing at all), and style (including the border style and hover effect). You can preview your gallery at the bottom of the Thumbnail Settings section.


Step 8) The Gallery Settings consist of Lightbox settings (which will only work if the thumbnail link is set to Full Size), the spacing between each thumbnail in the gallery and the alignment (left, right and center) of the images.


Step 9) If you know how to add and edit your CSS, you can add any custom CSS to specific galleries by following the example below and adding it to the box provided.


Step 10) Once you have finished with the settings, click on Publish on the right. You can copy and paste the Gallery Shortcode on the right into any sidebar widget, post or page, which we will show you in the next step of the guide.


Step 11) Alternatively, you can find Galleries via the Dashboard (FooGallery >> Galleries). From the Galleries page, you can edit, copy and delete any existing gallery, and the shortcode is available at the end of each entry.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Add an Image Gallery to a Post with Foo Gallery.


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  1. Jon


    When I add pictures of my Media Library, some pictures are vanished when I publish the gallery. Do you know why?
    The pictures which are missing are those that are added with a form plugin (frontend uploader) in another page of the website.

    Thx 😉

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