How to Add New Popups to Your WordPress Website with Popup by Supsystic

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The third step in the guide to the Popup by Supsystic WordPress plugin will show you how to add your chosen popup to your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Popup by Supsystic >> Add New Popup.


Step 3) The next step is to give your Popup a name. It should be related to what you are doing with your Popup, hence the example ‘List Building’ below. Click on Save when you’re done, and then click on the Select button on the popup you decide to use.


Step 4) You will then be directed to the Edit page, where you will find a Toolbar consisting of Main, Design, Layered Style, Texts, A/B Testing, Statistics and Code. Not all of these are available to the free version to the plugin, but you can still create a great popup using these available options.


Step 5) On the Main section, you set up when to show your Popup (including when the page loads, setting a delay of a few seconds, when a user clicks on the page and more) and who to show the popup to (everyone, first-timers and more). You can also choose to hide the popup for users on various devices, e.g. mobile users.


Step 6) The next step is Design, which for free users consists of choosing the colours for your background, and choosing to add an image to the background instead. You can also choose the type of exit button and bullets you wish to use on your form.


Step 7) In the next section of Design (on the Toolbar underneath), you can change your subscription settings. From here, you can enable subscription (to WordPress, Aweber, MailChimp or others) and create subscriber profiles following a subscription. Following this, there are multiple fields for completing email forms, including to/from subscribers and more.


Step 8) The next stage in Design is Social, which consists of enabling social buttons for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and setting the design. Your popup preview will change with your settings, so play around until you get it right.


Step 9) The Animation section under Design consists of choosing an animation for the popup (you can choose None if you’d prefer). They include Vanish, Slide Up/Down/Left/Right and many more. Check the Preview at the bottom to see how they affect your popup before making your decision.


Step 10) The next step is Texts, which is used to write the text that will be seen in your Popup. You can also add media, including photos and video


Step 11) You can alter the CSS and/or HTML code of your popup in the Code section of the editing process, but it is recommended that you only do this if you have a solid knowledge of both.


Step 12) Below is an example of the finished popup when it is live on your website.


The final step of the guide will focus on how you can manage the popups you have created.

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