How to Add Polls to Your Website with Google Fonts for WordPress

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The penultimate step in the guide to the Google Fonts for WordPress plugin will show you how to set up and produce polls for your website, which are great for websites that like to encourage user interaction and hold competitions on their website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to Google Fonts -> Polls from your Admin Panel. On the Polls page, you will see a full chart of all the polls that you have on your site, and you can monitor them from this page, as well as delete or edit them as you see fit. Click on the box marked Add New Poll to create a poll.


Step 3) On the next page, create a name and title for your poll, and write the text that you want for your button (default is Vote). You can also change the type of poll, from pie chart to a number of others (which we’ll show you in further steps). Choose the results type that you wish to show (percentages, vote number, etc.) and the date that voting will end. Save once you’re finished.


Step 4) The image below shows what a bar chart will look like as your websites poll.


Step 5) The image below shows you what a column chart looks like as your chosen poll type.


Step 6) The image below shows what a donut chart looks like when chosen as your poll type.


The next step of the guide will focus on Managing Theme Customizations and Layouts with Google Fonts for WordPress.



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