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The final Foo Gallery guide will show you the extensions that are available to add to the plugin, that will in turn make your galleries all the better.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To find the extenstions section of the Foo Gallery plugin, head to FooGallery >> Extensions from the Dashboard.


Step 3) There are a wide selection of Extensions available, but we will focus on the Free section for now. There is also a Build Your Own section for developers who fancy having a go at creating their own Gallery Template. To read more on how to do this, visit this section of the Foo Gallery website.


Step 4) Click on Free from the Toolbar to bring up all of the available Free Gallery Extensions.


Step 5) The first free download options is the FooBox Lightbox extension. This is designed to give your images more pop and bring them front and center on the page, whilst dimming the content surrounding it. Extremely useful for websites that will be using a lot of great imagery.

5. FooBox

Step 6) You can import all your existing NextGen galleries using the NextGen Importer extension, meaning that your very best images will be shown in your galleries and albums.

6. NextGen Importer

Step 7) The Owl Carousel Template is used to create a carousel effect on your Galleries and give it an extra wow factor.

7. Owl Carousel

Step 8) The Polaroid Template extension is cool for users who want to give their galleries a retro vibe and showcase them in the style of Polaroids.

8. Polaroid Template

Step 9) The ThirstyAffiliates extension is handy for savvy marketers who will be seeking to add affiliate links to the images of their galleries.

9. Thirsty Affiliates

Step 10) The Use Media Menu extension adds an extra media menu that can be used to manage your existing media files, such as images, audio and videos whilst creating and editing your galleries.

10. Use Media

Step 11) The ZOOM extension is pretty self-explanatory. Simply put, it adds an awesome zoom effect onto the images within an existing gallery.

11. Zoom

Step 12) The Albums extension is extremely useful as it adds a layer of functionality to the Foo Gallery plugin. Once added, you can group your Galleries into different albums, which can be very useful for users who wish to separate their galleries into different types and genres.

12. FooGallery

This concludes the WordPress Plugin guide for the Foo Gallery plugin. If you have any questions or queries, get in touch via the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you out with any issues you may have. Enjoy your plugin!




  1. Einar

    I am having problems installing the extensions. I press download, I get a pop-up to confirm I want to download. It seems to download, and I get the message: “The extension FooBox FREE was successfully downloaded and can now be activated. Activate immediately”
    I can press Activate immediately, but looking at extension – it still says “download”.
    When I press activate immediately I get the message “The extension FooBox FREE was successfully activated”, but it certainly is not 🙁

    …any ideas?

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