Adding Reviews to Posts with WP Review

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The final step of the guide to the WP Review WordPress Plugin will take you through the process of adding reviews to your posts.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, click on ‘Add New’ from the dropdown under ‘Posts’


Step 2) Underneath the main body area of your post, you will find the ‘Review’ section.


Step 3) Choose between Star, Points and Percentage from the dropdown menu for ‘Review Type’ to find the type of review you would like to leave, e.g. 5 stars, 77% or 8/10.


Step 4) The next step is to fill in the Review Item form, which includes the Feature Name (You can add another if you want to write reviews for each section of a product/film, etc.), Star Review and choose whether or not you want to add custom colours and allow for custom locations for your reviews.


Step 5) Write a heading for your review that grabs peoples attention, e.g. “Best film ever made!” etc.


Step 6) The Review Description is where you leave the main section of your review. You can add links, images and anything else you like using the HTML tags provided.


Step 7) Below is an example of how the review will look when it goes live on the website, including when the WP Review widget is activated on the sidebar of your site, too.



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