Adding the Various WP Photo Album Widgets to Your Website

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The sixth and final step in the guide to the WP Photo Album Plus WordPress plugin will go through the various other widgets available to users of the plugin, and what they can do for your website and its galleries.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, head to Appearance >> Widgets.


Step 3) There are a number of widgets connected to WP Photo Album Plus (they are marked WPPA+). The first one is Album Navigator. With this widget, you can choose which album you would like to show in the sidebar of your website.


Step 4) The next widget is the Best of Photos widget. This widget displays your photos in order of popularity, within a timescale that you can set using the options provided.


Step 5) The Comments on Photos widget displays the most recent comments on your photos within the sidebar of your website.


Step 6) The Uploader Photos widget is designed to show photos from particular users only. You can also choose to ignore certain users by adding them to the Ignore box provided.


Step 7) The Featured Photos widget will show photos from certain albums that have been put into posts using the Featured Image feature within WordPress posts.


Step 8) You can show your last 10 photos in the sidebar of your website by choosing the Last Ten Photos widget.


Step 9) The Sidebar Slideshow enables users to showcase images in a slideshow within the sidebar of your website. There are lots of options available to optimise your images and your slideshow, including alignment, image size, showing text and more.


This concludes the guide to the WP Photo Album Plus WordPress plugin. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or issues that we can help you with.

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