Advanced Excerpts: How to Change the Appearance of Your Post Excerpts

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In this article we will show you how to use Advanced Excerpts to change the appearance of post excerpts.

Please note: For this article you will need to install the Advanced Excerpts plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left menu of the Admin Panel, click to select Settings >> Excerpts.


Step 3) You can change the length of the exerpt to any number of words of characters using the box provided.


Step 4) The Ellipsis is the HTML entity that replaces the part of the post that has been omitted from the excerpt. Follow this link to see a list of HTML entities.


Step 5) The Finish section prevents cutting a word or sentence in half when you hit the excerpt length. By choosing Exact, it will cut them off, but choosing Word or Sentence will prevent them being cut off.


Step 6) The Read More Link will provide a piece of hyperlink text that will lead you to the read of the post. The example below reads ‘Read the rest’, but you can change this to whatever you like.


Step 7) The No Custom Excerpts section is used to generate excerpts for posts even when you have a custom excerpt attached.


Step 8) Enabling the Strip Shortcodes feature will remove shortcodes from the excerpts, which is recommended to create a smoother post excerpt without sliders, contact forms or any other form of shortcode showing up in your post.


Step 9) The Filter will enable your WordPress Theme to work with the plugin and show excerpts on all of your posts and pages, regardless of what features your Theme uses.


Step 10) You can disable excerpts filtering on certain pages, including the Home Page, Posts RSS Feed, Author Archive and more. You can also choose strip tags from posts and pages, or choose which ones you would like to strip.


Step 11) Save your changes, then head to your site to see how your excerpts look in relation to your posts. Here is an example that we have created below:



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  1. Andrés Díaz

    This is the only plugin that works with Visual Composer excerpts. I have tested a lot of them.

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