Akismet WordPress Plugin Guide

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In this article, we will look at installing the Akismet WordPress Plugin.

Step 1) Login to the Dashboard

Step 2) Click on the Plugins section on the Left Sidebar

WPKB - Step 2

Step 3) Click on “Add New”

WPKB -Step 3

Step 4) Type “Akismet” into the search box

Akismet - Step 4

Step 5) Scroll down to “Akismet” and click Install Now

Akismet - Step 5

Step 6) On the next page, click “Activate”

Akismet - Step 6

Great stuff! You’ve activated the Akismet WordPress Plugin. Now you can protect your site from the thousands of dodgy spam comments that are likely to come your way and filter out the good ones you’ll want to publish and respond to.

Step 7) Once activated, you will be taken to the Activated Plugins page automatically. On this page, you will see the “Activate your Akismet Account” button at the top of your page. Click on that to get started.

Akismet - Step 7

Step 8) On the next page, click on the blue button to create a new Akismet key.

Akismet - Step 8

Step 9) Click on that lovely big blue button in the middle to enter your details on the next page.

Akismet - Step 9

Step 10) Use your email address and set up a username and password to get yourself to the next step of Akismet. Be sure to read the terms and conditions too.

Akismet - Step 10

Step 11) The next step is to choose which bundle you are going to be using. As you can see, there are bonuses to choosing the Business and Enterprise options and paying out for them, but if you just have one site and are fine with standard support from Akismet, you’ll be fine with the first option.

Akisment - Step 11

Step 12) Enter your contact details on the left and enter the amount you are willing to pay for Akismet on the right. You can set it to $0 as the plugin is free, but you can throw a little change to the developers if you wish.

Akisment - Step 12

Step 13) You are now the proud owner of a Akismet API key. Click on the link that says “Click here to go to the Akismet page on your WordPress dashboard” to enter your key and get started.

Akisment - Step 13

Step 14) Enter your Akismet API key and Save Changes. You’ll be protected from this point on.

Akisment - Step 14

Step 15) Your key has been added and Akismet is now protecting your site against the dreaded spam! From this page, you can change your settings to auto-delete spam that has been in your folder for more than a month, and show the number of comments you’ve approved beside each author who comments on your posts. You can also check your connectivity to ensure that Akismet is still working to detect spam. Test it every once in a while just to be sure.

Akisment - Step 15

Step 16) From the Dashboard, you can access you Akismet Stats, which show you how much spam has been captured on your site over 6 months, 1 year or all time. You can also check the accuracy rate of Akismet to see how many comments that weren’t spam were accidentally thought to be.

Akisment - Step 16

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