AWPCP: A Complete, Working Example – Part II

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In this section of the Another WordPress Classifieds (AWPCP) plugin, A Working Example – Part 2, we will focus on setting up and managing:

  • Credit Plans
  • Credit
  • Fees
  • Categories
  • Ad Listings

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to Classifieds -> Settings -> Credit Plans.


Credit Plans Menu Item

Step 3) Place a checkmark in the Enable Credit System checkbox.
Step 4) Select Currency from the Accepted payment type dropdown list.
Step 5) Click the Save Changes button to save any changes.
Step 6) Create new Credit Plans as follows:


Manage Credit Menu Item

Step 7) Click the Add New button to add a new User.
Step 8) From the Add New User page, complete the fields to add the User, Karen McKay and assign her the role of Subscriber. Make a note of the password as this will be needed later on.
Step 9) Click the Add New User button.
Step 10) Navigate to Classifieds -> Manage Credit to see the new User, Karen McKay.
Step 11) Hover over Karen McKay’s username to display a sub-menu.
Step 12) Click the Add Credit hyperlink.
Step 13) Add 10 to the Amount textbox.

In a real world example, Karen would log in to the site, and add credit to her account via Dashboard -> Profile -> Account Balance -> Add Credit.

Fees Menu Item

Step 14) Add the following Listing Fees:


Categories Menu Item

Step 15) Add the following Category Structure:


Click here to view a pdf of the completed fields outlined above.

The next step of the guide will focus on AWPCP A Working Example Part 3.


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