How to Backup your WordPress Database

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In this article we’re going to explain how you can backup your WordPress Database with the use of CPanel and phpMyAdmin.

This tutorial assumes you are running WordPress with a Web Host that uses CPanel, or something like it, to allow you certain administration rights over your server. Therefore you will require:

  • Access to your CPanel
  • phpMyAdmin Access

Step 1) Log in to your Hosts CPanel

Step 2) Open phpMyAdmin. You’ll likely find it under the “databases” section as pictured below.


Step 3) Select the Database for your WordPress website by clicking it on the left hand side.

selecting the database

Step 4) Click “Export” on the horizontal navigation menu.

click export phpmyadmin

Step 5) Click “Go” to start the export.

phpmyadmin go to export

A copy of your database as a .sql file will start downloading to your computer, which you can use to restore your database in the event of catastrophic failure, or even create a locally installed version of your WordPress website.

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