How to Configure the bbPress Settings

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The next step of the bbPress WP Plugin guide is to configure the settings…

Once you have activated the page, you will be taken to the Forum Descriptions page. Have a read of the quick guide on the page and then hit the Go to Forum Settings page at the bottom. You will be taken to the settings page, which can also be found by heading to the Dashboard and then Settings >> Forums from the left-hand sidebar.

bbPress - Part 2 - Step 2

Step 1) The first section on the settings page is the Forum User Settings. From here, you can choose what role a forum poster can have, including Participant (the default role), Keymaster, Moderator, Spectator and Blocked – which is for posters who misbehave and you want to kick off the forum.

You can also choose whether or not you want to allow for anonymous posters (which can cut out spambots) and set time limits for posters.

bbPress - Part 2 - Step 3

Step 2) The forum features allow you to give my options to the users of your forum, including logging revisions of posts, allowing users to mark favourites, adding a search mechanism and auto-embedding links. If you want to keep your forum basic, you might want to consider which features are necessary to your forums, and take away the ones you don’t feel you need.

bbPress - Part 2 - Step 4

Step 3) The next section allows you to choose how many topics and replies to show per page. This is useful for topics that are likely to be extremely busy and can therefore take up a lot of room on the page. To make it cleaner, keep the numbers down to a minimum to enable multiple pages for topics to be created rather than one huge dropdown for each topic. The same rules apply for the RSS page.

bbPress - Part 2 - Step 5

Step 4) The Forum Root Slug is the shortcode that features at the end of the URL. It is unlikely that you will change the details here, but the option is there if you’d like to.

bbPress - Part 2 - Step 6

Step 5) In this section, you are given the option to add custom slugs for individual forums, replies, tags and for searches, and for the forum users themselves. Again, this is down to the user if they feel the need to change them.

bbPress - Part 2 - Step 7

bbPress - Part 2 - Step 8

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Moderate bbPress Forums.



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