How to Moderate Topics with bbPress

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The next step in the bbPress guide is learning how to Moderate topics.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Topics are the child pages of a wider Forum, and via the left-hand sidebar on the Dashboard, you can click-through to the Topics page, which allows you to monitor, add and review all the Topics and Posts that have been published on each Forum/Topic.

bbPress - Part 3 - Step 3

Step 3) Click on the Topic Tags tab on the left-hand sidebar on the Dashboard. From this page, you can monitor and edit the tags that appear in topic posts, and see which ones are most popular and which ones should be deleted for being improper.

Topic Tags are similar to the tags you find in blog posts and Hashtags on Tweets. Forum users will use tags to ensure that their posts find the right commenters who are also using the Forum.

Topic Tags

Step 4) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, click on Replies. From this page, you can monitor all the replies on your Forums and Topics, and see which ones are yet to be responded to, etc.

You can also hit New Reply and comment on a Forum post from this page.

bbPress - Part 3 - Step 5

This concludes our guide of the bbPress plugin.



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