Beginners Introduction to WordPress MultiSite

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In this article we’ll discuss some of the need to know details specific to running a WordPress MultiSite Network.

What is WordPress MultiSite?

WordPress MultiSite is a particular configuration of WordPress that allows you to install, configure, and manage a network of WordPress sites off one central install.

What is WordPress MultiSite good for?

MultiSite is good for when you need to roll out many sites with ease, are happy to have them run from one domain, such as a developer who may use a ‘dev’ subdomain for testing, and be able to centrally manage themes, plugins, and users.

What’s an example use case?

A use case where MultiSite could be of benefit is if a school wanted to have an independently run site per department. For instance, you could install new sites to subdomains like so:


When shouldn’t you use MultiSite

It is recommended that you avoid MultiSite when you have sites that require separate databases and or the users need full control of the site.

Also, to administer a MultiSite network and get the most out of it, you’ll need to be familiar with the way WordPress takes care of business, as it may be a little overwhelming for newcomers.

Understand the Super Admin User role

The user account that establishes the MultiSite Network, presumably yours, will become Super Admin. The Super Admin account is that which has permission to create, update, and destroy sites in the network, install and manage themes and plugins, and create additional Super Admin accounts.

For these reasons, it’s important to be diligent when providing Super Admin access.

Themes and Plugins

When you use WordPress MultiSite, you have to install and manage plugins through the Network Admin Dashboard, which is more or less the same as the per site Dashboard. From here you can activate Themes and Plugins across the network, but for more granular control, you can use the Multisite Plugin Manager plugin.

If you’re ready to take the leap, check out our guide on Easily Setting up a WordPress MultiSite Network



  1. Lambros Stravelakis

    I love your explanations, very good step by step for any begginer!
    But it does not work for me. I think that the problem is with me host, 1and1. In your video ” ” you mention that I will need to do something with my webhost on my dashboard, but the audio is a bit jumbled at that point. Can you tell me what to do? Or what to tell them? have you faced this problem before?
    Thank you !

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