Better WP Minify WordPress Plugin Guide Overview

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Hello and welcome to the guide to the Better WP Minify WordPress plugin, which is a plugin that allows users to combine and minify the CSS and JS files of their website and therefore improve the page load time, which in turn will improve the user experience of your visitors. Using the PHP library Minify, and relying on WordPress’s enqueueing system rather than the output buffer, Better WP Minify is extremely easy to use and fully customizable.


  • Uses enqueueing system of WordPress which improves compatibility with other plugins and themes.
  • Allows you to move enqueued files to desired locations (header, footer, oblivion, etc.) via a dedicated management page.
  • Allows you to change various Minify settings (cache directory, cache age, debug mode, etc.) directly in admin.
  • Allows you to use friendly Minify urls, such as
  • Allows you to use CDN for minified contents, one CDN host for JS and one for CSS with SSL support.
  • Allows you to split long Minify strings into shorter ones.
  • Offers various way to add a cache buster to your minify string such as WordPress’s version, Theme’s version, Cache folder’s last modified timestamp, etc.
  • Supports script localization (wp_localize_script()).
  • Supports inline styles.
  • Supports RTL stylesheets.
  • Supports media-specific stylesheets (e.g. ‘screen’, ‘print’, etc.).
  • Supports conditional stylesheets (e.g. ).
  • Provides hooks for further customization.
  • WordPress Multi-site compatible.

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