How can I use Menus in WordPress?

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Most WordPress themes allow you to make changes to the menu displayed on your site.

Here’s a screenshot of a WordPress menu in its default state, on a site running the TwentyThirteen Theme.
default wordpress menu

By default, it will list the Pages you have on your site. To make changes to your menu, you can follow these steps.

Step 1) Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Click Appearance in the left hand menu

Step 3) Click Menus in the left hand menu

Step 4) Name your menu and click “Create Menu”

creating menus in wordpress

Step 5) Choose the location you’d like your menu, in this instance there’s only one to choose from, and if you would like to add new top-level pages to it, and click Save Menu.

menu settings

Feel free to visit your website after doing this to see your new menu in action. Here we see “Home” added to our menu as configured moments ago.

home added to main menu

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