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How to Change WordPress to Your Language

Posted OnDec 4, 2013     CategoryDevelopment     Comments No comment

How do I get WordPress to use my language? In this tutorial we’ll detail how you can get WordPress up and running in your own language on an existing installation. To do this, you’ll need FTP/SFTP/SSH access to your server. Step 1) Head over to WordPress in Your Language and see if your language is […]

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Beginners Introduction to WordPress MultiSite

Posted OnNov 28, 2013     CategoryDevelopment     Comments 2 comments

In this article we’ll discuss some of the need to know details specific to running a WordPress MultiSite Network. What is WordPress MultiSite? WordPress MultiSite is a particular configuration of WordPress that allows you to install, configure, and manage a network of WordPress sites off one central install. What is WordPress MultiSite good for? MultiSite […]

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Easily Setting up a WordPress MultiSite Network

Posted OnNov 28, 2013     CategoryDevelopment     Comments No comment

In this guide we’ll be running through the necessary steps to set up a WordPress MultiSite network. You will need FTP, SFTP, or SSH access to your server and Administrator level access to WordPress. Step 1) Install WordPress, you can do this through your host’s CPanel (most common) or use SSH depending on your server’s […]

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How to Backup your WordPress Database Without phpMyAdmin

Posted OnNov 26, 2013     CategoryDevelopment     Comments No comment

In this article, we will show you how to backup your MySQL database without using phpMyAdmin. For this article, you will need the BackUpWordPress plugin installed and activated. 1) Login to the Dashboard 2) Click the Tools link from the left menu 3) Click the Backups link found in the left menu under Tools 4) Click the […]

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What is WP_Query?

Posted OnNov 20, 2013     CategoryDevelopment     Comments No comment

WP_Query is a PHP class included with WordPress, and WP_Query’s job is to handle the request for a post or page in fact, it’s more or less what makes WordPress work, and runs every time a page is loaded. It also stores a great deal of information that you can pull out to display. In […]

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How to Easily Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Posted OnNov 19, 2013     CategoryDevelopment, Settings     Comments 2 comments

This article will provide a number of practical techniques you can implement to speed up your WordPress Website. You will need Administrator access to WordPress, and SFTP/SSH access to your server, in order to complete all of these tweaks. You website’s load speed is important. It’s a known factor in customer behavior, such as if […]

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