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5 Powerful WordPress Security Plugins

Posted OnNov 6, 2013     CategoryPlugins, Users & Security     Comments No comment

This article covers five good plugins that you can use to help secure your WordPress website with ease. Limit Login Attempts Why: Grants you the ability to limit the number of login attempts, and can so so by IP and Cookies. It can also provide logging, so you can identify when someone is trying to […]

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How to Update WordPress

Posted OnOct 30, 2013     CategorySettings, Users & Security     Comments No comment

In this article, we will show you how to update WordPress. You can tell that there is an update available for WordPress by looking at the top of the dashboard. If you see something similar to the following, then an update is available. 1) Click the “Please update now” link found in the notice at […]

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I forgot my WordPress Administrator Password, what can I do?

I forgot my Administrator Password, what can I do? If you have forgotten your WordPress Administrator account’s password, and are unable to reset it through the standard ‘forgotten password’ method, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, or FTP, you can use the Emergency Password Reset script. To complete this, you will need FTP access to your server, via a […]

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Understanding WordPress User Roles

Posted OnSep 26, 2013     CategoryUsers & Security     Comments No comment

In this article, we will talk about the different user roles available in WordPress. Super Admin A super admin has access to admin powers for your current site, but he also has full access to all of the WordPress sites on your network (using MultiSite). Administrator An administrator has access to modify, update, and change […]

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