How to Change the Language of Your Website with Polylang

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In this article we will show you how to use Polylang to change the language of the content on your website.

Please note: For this article you will need to install the Polylang plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left menu of the Admin Panel, click to select Settings >> Languages.


Step 3) On the languages section, choose a language from the wide selection on offer. Once you have chosen it, all the other fields (Full Name, Locale, etc.) will be filled out automatically. Click the Add New Language button to add the language to the chart on the right hand side.


Step 4) We have added Turkish to the list of languages, as shown below.


Step 5) The Strings Translation section is used for you to choose which areas of the site will be translated to which language, including the site title, tagline, date format and more. You can choose to translate some or all of the features.


Step 6) The Settings section starts with a setting of the default language. You can choose to have it as English – with translations throughout – or you can change the default language to your chosen foreign language.


Step 7) The URL modifications can be changed or left as they are. For example, you can have the language set from the directory name, e.g. /en/ for English breaking up the post. You can also choose to remove language info from the URLs altogether.


Step 8) The final settings on the page include enabling the browser to set the language depending on the browser preference, and activating language translations for media. If you want to set synchronisation for translations for certain areas (including custom fields, comment status, etc.) tick the boxes in the options below, then save your changes.


Step 9) To set your language when writing a post, head to Posts >> Add New and then choose your language from the option box on the right hand side.




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