Your Channel WordPress Plugin Guide

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Hello and welcome to the guide to the Your Channel WordPress plugin, which is used to add a YouTube channel to your website in all it’s glory, including showcasing playlists, as well as displaying banners, names, profile pics, uploads and more. All you have to do is add your name and away you go.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Dashboard of your website, scroll down the left-hand sidebar and click on Plugins


Step 3) From the Installed Plugins page, click on Add New at the top of the page. Alternatively, click on Add New from the dropdown menu under Plugins on the sidebar.


Step 4) On the Add Plugins page, type in the name of your plugin in the search box on the right hand side, at the top of the page.


Step 5) From the Search Results page, scroll down to your chosen plugin and click the button marked Install Now. If you would like to learn more about your plugin, click the blue link marked More Details


Step 6) The plugin is now installed and unpacked into your website. The last thing to do now is click Activate Plugin


Step 7) Once activated, you will be redirected to the Installed Plugins page. From here, you can read all the info about your plugins, and deactivate and delete it if you no longer need it.


Step 8) The next step is to find the Settings for the Plugin, which can be found at Settings >> YourChannel from your Admin Panel.


Step 9) At the top of the page, your API Key will be present. Underneath that, you will be asked to enter the Username or Channel ID of your YouTube channel. You can check to see if it is correct by hitting the Check button. After this, tick the box marked Show Playlists so that your Playlists will show in your posts and pages.


Step 10) The Style settings are there to help you choose the size of your video, where you would like the Video Meta to be added (you can choose None, or Bottom, Right or Show on Hover) and the type of Player (inline or lightbox). You can also limit the size of number of Titles to your videos by ticking the box marked Truncate. Hit the Save button when you’re done and you can preview your channel.


Step 11) There is the option to upgrade for $10 more. This will give you access to more features, as shown below. You can also hit the buttons marked Suggest Feature, Rate It or Report Issue to contact the developers.


Step 12) The Quick Translation section is used to create new titles for each individual section, or to change the language for each one. Hit Save when you’re done.


Step 13) Once you have saved your settings, you will see that YourChannel gives you a Shortcode for your channel. Copy this, and you can add it to posts, pages and widgets. Go to Steps 14 and 15 for an example.


Step 14) Paste your shortcode into a Post, and then save it and click View Post/Page.


Step 15) Below is an example of a post that has a Your Channel YouTube channel embedded into it via the shortcode created by the plugin.


This concludes the guide to the Your Channel WordPress plugin. If you have any questions or queries, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out. Good luck!

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