How to Choose and Configure Fonts to Use with Google Fonts for WordPress

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The second step in the guide to the Google Fonts for WordPress plugin will take you through the settings available to you once you have installed the plugin onto your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To find the settings page, head to your Admin Panel and choose Google Fonts -> Fonts from the sidebar.


Step 3) The first section of the settings page is the Install/Uninstall section, which will show you how many fonts are available to you (based on your last update – which you can update at any time). You can select the font you like from the options available (using the preview tool to see what they look like) before making a choice on which Google font you would like to use.


Step 4) For every Google Font you choose to install on your site, it will show up under the Your Fonts section of the Fonts page. This option will also show you which fonts are used on which posts on your website.


Step 5) The Statistics and Tools section will show you how many Google Fonts are available, how many fonts have been installed, the posts without any font being used in them, and by clicking on the blue button marked Find and Fix Missing Fonts, you can recalculate your stats at any time.


Step 6) The Extra Font Sizes section allows you to change the font size in pixels. Tick the box to enable the feature, and then create a minimum and maximum size for your fonts using the boxes shown below.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Setup Custom Titles with Google Fonts for WordPress .


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