CKEditor for WordPress: Creating a Post using CKEditor

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In this article we will show you how to use CKEditor to create a new post.

Please note: For this article you will need to install the CKEditor for WordPress plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left menu of the Admin Panel, click to select CKEditor >> Basic Settings.


Step 3) The Common Options begin with choosing which skin you would like load for CKEditor. The two choices are Moono and Kama. The latter is a colourful editor, whereas Moono is a more simpler version. Check out Step 10 for screenshots of what they look like, and details of what they do. The interface colour can be customised by choosing Custom under User Interface Colour.


Step 4) The Post/Page Editor Options can be changed to suit your needs, including changing your Editor Toolbar between WordPressBasic (fonts, headers, text size, etc.) and WordPressFull (which includes adding blocks, background colours and more), changing the size/height of the Editor box (300px is the default size) and changing the default and excerpt state.


Step 5) The Comment Editor Options allow you to enable CKEditor as you comment editor, and use the WordPressBasic or WordPressFull toolbar for your comment options, including adding images, smileys, links and more. You can also change the editor height for a comment (the default is 160px).


Step 6) CKEditor has Advanced Settings (go to your Admin page and choose CKEditor >> Advanced Settings) where you can set your default CSS (currently CKEditor), use your theme CSS (which will load from your current theme) or define CSS by adding a CS path below. You can also set predefined styles or load them from your theme, as well as adding the style path.


Step 7) The Output Formatting is used to set rules for the writing, including creating idents for the element contents and breaking lines before and/or after the opener and closer tags. Tick or untick the boxes depending on which formatting rules you want to use.


Step 8) The Advanced Options section has a host of cool features to make CKEditor work effectively as a post/page editor. These include adding spell checker, HTML entities (including converting characters into entities, e.g. hearts, smileys, etc.), adding and detecting languages and plugins that provide you with more options when editing (including spell checker).


Step 9) Once you have updated these options, you’re ready to rock. Head to Posts >> Add New from your Admin page to get started with CKEditor.


Step 10) There are two different types of skin for CK Editor – Moono and Kama – and although they have a different look, they have the same features. It all depends on which one you find easier to follow. They both have a host of cool features – basic and advanced – including adding images, find and replace features, fonts, formatting, text boxes and many more.






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