How to Configure Advanced Excerpt for WordPress

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In this section of the guide to the Advanced Excerpt plugin, we will show you how to configure the settings for this plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Excerpt.


Step 3) Complete the fields as outlined below:

A. Excerpt Length From the dropdown list, select an Excerpt Length.
For this example, 40 Characters was selected.
B. Ellipsis The … code in this textbox will substitute the part of the post that is omitted in the excerpt.

This code will resolve to in HTML code.

Click here for a guide to the HTML Symbol Entities Codes.

For this example, no changes were made.

C. Finish Click to select an option which prevents cutting a word or sentence at the end of an excerpt. This option can result in (slightly) longer excerpts.

For this example, Exact was selected.

D. Read More Link If checked, a link Read the rest will display at the end of each Excerpt. The textbox can be edited to suit your needs.

For this example, this field was checked.

E. No Custom Excerpts If checked, Excerpts will be generated even if a post has a custom Excerpt attached.

For this example, this field was left checked.

F. Strip Shortcodes If checked, shortcodes will be removed from the Excerpt. (This is recommended.)

For this example, this field was left checked

G. Filter Leave the checkmarks in the the_excerpt() and the_content() checkboxes.

For this example, a checkmark was placed in the Only filter the_content() when there’s no break () tag in the post content checkbox.

Themes may use the_excerpt() for some pages (e.g. search results) and the_content() on others (e.g. blog archives). Depending on your theme and what pages you want this plugin to affect, you may need to adjust these settings.


If the fields were completed as shown above, they will display as follows:


H. Disable On Place checkmarks in the appropriate checkboxes to disable the Advanced Excerpt plugin from displaying on selected pages.

For this example, no changes were made.


I. Strip Tags By default, the radio button Don’t remove any tags is selected. However, the Remove all tags except the following option is recommended.

With this option, Excerpts will not display the selected HTML tags.

For this example, the radio button Remove all tags except the following was selected and the Select All hyperlink was clicked.

To add additional HTML tags to be stripped, click the More Tags dropdown list, select the appropriate tag, then click the Add Tag button to add to the list.

Repeat the above process to add additional tags.


If the fields were completed as shown above, they will display as follows:


Step 4) Click the Save Settings button to save any changes.

The next step of this guide will focus on A Working Example of Using Advanced Excerpt for WordPress.


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