How to Configure Google SEO Author Snippets for WordPress

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The second step of the guide to the Google SEO Author Snippets WordPress Plugin will show you how to set the Admin Settings of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To find your Admin Settings, head to your Admin Panel and choose Google SEO Pressor Snippets to be taken to the settings page.


Step 3) The first port of call is enabling Google SEO Pressor rich snippets and setting the Debug Mode. Hit the blue buttons shown below to change these both to On, or switch them off if you don’t need them.


Step 4) The next step is to enable Rich Snippets for posts and pages. Tick the boxes provided to enable Manual/Auto, Twitter Cards and Based on Post Format features.


Step 5) For each post type, you can set which Rich Snippets are attached to both, including Events, Music, People, Products, and more.


Step 6) Enable or disable social media profiles for Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by switching the blue button over to ON. You can also turn on the Geo-Location settings, which means that your longitude and latitude settings will show your location online.


Step 7) Select the icon style for your social media channels by ticking one of the four options provided below, and then click on Save Settings.


The next step of the guide to the plugin will show you How to Add Author Snippets to a Product with Google SEO Author Snippets.


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