How to Configure Job Listings and Submission Settings in WP Job Manager

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The second step of the guide to the WP Job Manager plugin will take you through the settings available for you to make the most of your plugins features.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to your dashboard, and scroll down to Job Listings. Click on Settings from the dropdown. You have three options to choose from on a toolbar at the top of the settings page. Let’s took at Job Listings first. On this page, you choose how many listings can be posted per page (default is 10), hide filled positions, enable job categories (which can be set later) and multi-select categories, and set how you filter your categories (show jobs within their category only or within all categories).


Step 3) The next section on the settings toolbar is Job Submission. From here, you can create guidelines for applicants, from creating accounts in order to be able to submit a list or apply for a job to creating an account role (e.g. Employer, Applicant, etc.). You can also set the listing duration, which you can leave blank if it’s ongoing. Set the application method from email address or website URL to one or the other.


Step 4) The third part of the settings toolbar is Pages. From here, you can select the page where you have placed the submit form shortcode, which will in turn let the plugin know where the form is situated. The same rules apply for the Job Dashboard and Job Listings pages.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Add a Job in WP Job Manager.


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