How to Configure the Limit Attempts Settings

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The second step of the guide to the Limit Attempts plugin will take you through the process of configuring the settings of the plugin for your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on BWS Plugins >> Limit Attempts to the taken to the Settings page.


Step 3) From the toolbar at the top of the page, you will see a variety of options, including Blocked IP, Blacklist and Whitelist, Logs and Statistics and a FAQ page. The FAQ page is worth reading, but for now, lets concentrate on the Settings.

Here you can set how long an IP address can be logged for, set the number of failed attempts it takes for the address to be blocked and more. You can then set the number of blocks it takes for an address to be added to the Blacklist.


Step 4) Further down the page (after the Pro Settings), you can set the number of days it takes before statistics are removed following no case of failed attempts. The default is 30 days, but you can change it according to your wishes, including setting it to zero if you never want to clear the statistics.


Step 5) You can set the messages that people who fail to log in will see based on whether they have failed once or been added to the blacklist. Click on Show to change the message that they will see for each of these sections. You can also set the notification email that is sent out by ticking the box next to Send email with notifications, and by hitting Show next to Additional Options for email with notification.


Step 6) You can download HTaccess and Captcha plugins to help reduce the database workload and create a Captcha form for less legitimate website users respectively. Simply follow the links provided. Save changes when you have finished.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Create a Whitelist and Blacklist for Limit Attempts.


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