How to Configure Permalinks and Payment Gateways in Users Ultra

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The final step in the guide to the Users Ultra WordPress plugin will look at the Permalinks and Gateways section of the plugin, which are used to create URLs and easy access for users to their account pages.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to Users Ultra -> Users Ultra from the Admin Panel, and then choose Permalinks from the top Toolbar to find the Permalinks section.


Step 3) As soon as the Users Ultra plugin is activated, pages are automatically created for the following pages: My Account, Profile page, Login page, Registration page and Directory page. These pages are set to default, but you can change them so that users will view their accounts or profiles from other pages. If you change the page, you will need the shortcode (shown in red) on the page.


Step 4) The plugin allows you to change the slugs that appear at the end of a URL (e.g. The defaults shouldn’t be changed unless you have something much better in mind.


Step 5) The next section is the Gateways section, which is found on the toolbar at the top of the Users Ultra page (Users Ultra -> Users Ultra from the Admin Panel).


Step 6) The Payment Gateway settings are used to configure the PayPal settings. The first port of call is to activate PayPal so that users can pay for goods and services via that method of payment. Enter your PayPal email address so that payment will be directed to your account. You can add a sandbox email address (if you want to ensure that payments made via your website are working), before adding a currency. You can choose between Production mode and Sandbox mode depending on whether you are allowing payments on your site or conducting tests.


This concludes our guide of the Users Ultra plugin.


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