How to Configure the Podcast Category Media Appearance for Blubrry

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In this section of the Blubrry PowerPress plugin, we will look at how to configure the Media Appearance for the Podcast Category.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to PowerPress -> Category Podcasting to see the Category added earlier.


Step 3) Hover over the Category Name to display a sub-menu.

Step 4) Click the Edit hyperlink to be forwarded to the Feed Settings tab.


Step 5) Click the Media Appearance tab.


Subscribe Page Use

The PowerPress Subscribe Page allows you to easily create a static Web page to explain to your visitors how to subscribe to your Podcast.

The page can be linked:

  • As a page in your site pages, possibly navigable in the header and/or footer of your theme.
  • At the bottom of every podcast episode, below the media player and download links.
  • Optionally in the sidebar of your theme using the PowerPress Subscribe Sidebar Widget.

The Subscribe Page’s purpose provides steps to subscribe to your podcast. By default, PowerPress provides a subscribe widget via the use of a shortcode [powerpress_subscribe]. This widget includes the title and artwork of your podcast and has subscribe buttons for the most popular applications.

You are strongly encouraged to use this shortcode as it is designed using the latest design techniques to be utilized both by desktop and mobile Web browsers. Your mobile visitors will find it easy to touch and subscribe to your podcast using this built-in widget.

Add Subscribe Widget to Sidebar

For this example, we will add this shortcode to the right-hand sidebar of our site.

Step 6) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Widgets.

Step 7) Click and drag the Text Widget to any sidebar.

Step 8) Paste the shortcode [powerpress_subscribe] in the Body of the Text Widget.

Step 9) Click the Save button at the bottom of the Text Widget to save the changes,


View Subscribe Widget

Step 10) Navigate to your site and view any page of the site that will display the Subscribe Widget.


PowerPress Shortcodes

PowerPress Player Shortcode

The Player shortcode is used to position your media presentation (player and download links) exactly where you want within your post or page content.

Step 11) To use this Blubrry PowerPress shortcode, enter the following code within the body of your blog post where you would like the player to be inserted.


This Blubrry PowerPress shortcode supports 3 optional attributes for customizing the player behavior.

  • url – specify a URL to a media file if you do not want to use the associated podcast episode.
  • channel (previously feed) – Specify the podcast channel slug name to display only the player for the podcast specified. (only applies to custom podcast channels).
  • image – specify a URL to a cover image to display in place of the player (experimental, does not work for all media).
  • width – set the video player width (overrides default width).
  • height – set the video player height (overrides default height).


PowerPress Playlist Shortcode

The Playlist shortcode is used to display a player with a playlist of your podcast episodes. It utilizes the default playlist built into WordPress.

Step 12) To use this Blubrry PowerPress shortcode, enter the following code within the body of your blog post where you would like the player to be inserted.

[powerpress_playlist category="2"]

This Blubrry PowerPress shortcode supports many optional attributes for customizing the playlist.

The following attributes control the look and function of the playlist:

  • limit – Set limit to number of episodes in the list (default is 10).
  • type – Specify the type of playlist either ‘audio’ (default) or ‘video’.
  • style – Specify the playlist style ‘light (default), ‘dark’, or custom.
  • images – Display podcast artwork in the now playing area, ‘true’ (default) or ‘false’.
  • image – Set a specific default image to display in the now playing area,
  • itunes_subtitle – Display the itunes subtitle in the now playing area, ‘true’ or ‘false’ (default).
  • date – Display post date in the list, ‘true’ (default) or ‘false’.
  • title – Display post title in the list, ‘true’ (default) or ‘false’.
  • links – Provide links to post page in the now playing area, ‘true’ (default) or ‘false’.

The following attributes control which episodes based on podcast channel, category podcasting, post type podcasting, and/or taxonomy podcasting appear in the playlist:

  • channel – Specify the channel/feed post type slug name for custom podcast channels or custom podcast post types.
  • post_type – Specify post type for custom post type podcasting.
  • category – Specify a category, value can be either the category ID, slug, or name (ID is optimal).
  • term_taxonomy_id – Specify a specific term taxonomy ID (for Taxonomy podcasting).
  • program_titles_by_taxonomy – Specify taxonomy to display program title in playlist (e.g. ‘category’ to display category program titles (EXPERIMENTAL).


Example using playlist to display latest 10 audio episodes in a page

Example playlist using specific poster image showing the latest 20 episodes

[powerpress_playlist image=”×300.png” limit=20]
Example playlist for custom podcast channel using slug ‘audio-m4a’

[powerpress_playlist slug=”audio-m4a”]

and if you are using post type podcasting:

[powerpress_playlist post_type=”post_type_slug” slug=”audio-m4a”]
Example displaying titles of podcasts based on category (or other taxonomy)

[powerpress_playlist program_titles_by_taxonomy=”category”]
Include the iTunes subtitle for the currently playing episode in playlist

[powerpress_playlist itunes_subtitle=true]
Custom Style Example

This is an advanced option targeted toward theme developers. You can come up with your one styling for the playlist by specifying your own style name (other than “light” and “dark”.

[powerpress_playlist style=”blue”]

WordPress will add the following class to your playlist, which allows you to set specific styling for everything contained within the playlist in your theme’s CSS.

.wp-playlist-blue {
 background: #003366;
 color: #FFFFFF;

Step 13) Click the Save Changes button to save any changes.

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Configure the Podcast Category Other Settings for Blubrry.



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