How to Configure Post Type Podcasting with Blubrry

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In this section of the Blubrry PowerPress plugin, we will look at how to configure the Post Type Podcasting.

Post Type Podcasting adds custom Podcast Settings to specific Post Type Feeds.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to PowerPress -> Post Type Podcasting.


Step 3) From the Post Type dropdown list, select the appropriate option. For this example, Page was selected.

Step 4) Enter a Feed Title in this textbox. For this example, View Our Feed was entered.

Step 5) Enter a Feed Slug in this textbox. For this example, view-our-feed was entered.


The slug is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.

Step 6) Click the Add Podcasting to Post Type button.

Step 7) Notice that this Post Type has been added to the right hand side.


Step 8) Once you click the Add Podcasting to Post Type button, you are immediately forwarded to the Podcast Settings for Post Type page with slug view-our-feed page where you can complete these fields as outlined in the How to Configure the Podcast Category Feed Settings for Blubrry guide.


Don’t forget to Validate your Feed.
The PowerPress -> Tools section has great references for you to expand on your skills.

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Validate a Feed with Blubrry.



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