How to Configure the Settings of the Free Image Sharer WordPress Plugin

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The second part of the guide to the Free Image Sharer WordPress plugin will take you through the process of configuring the settings of the plugin – from setting the API key to choosing how your social icons are going to look next to your images.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Settings >> Image Sharer..


Step 3) On the Image Sharer page, scroll down and click on Get API Key. You will need this to be able to use the available tools of the plugin.


Step 4) You will then be transfered to the ProfitQuery website, where your API key will be waiting for you. You will be redirected back to your website, but if it takes a while, hit the button marked Back to Website.


Step 5) You now have the right to configure Image Share Options. As you can see, you have an example of a pic, and then a series of options next to them. As you change these options, the image share buttons will change accordingly.


Step 6) The first set of Image Share Options are in relation to colour of the icons. You can choose from Colour Light, Colour Dark, Colour Volume, Black and White..


Step 7) The next set of options allow you to change the shape of your share buttons. These include Circle, Square and Rounded..


Step 8) The next step is to choose how you want the Background to look surrounding the buttons. Choose from Transparent, Light, White, Grey and Sharp.


Step 9) The final settings are related to how your sharing icons are laid out. You can choose to have them in a column or inline. Hit Save Changes when you’re finished.


The next step of the guide will focus on A Look at the Available Tools of the Free Image Sharer WordPress Plugin.


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