How to Configure the Timeline Express Display Settings

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The second step of the guide to the Timeline Express WordPress plugin is the process of configuring the settings of the plugin so you can get the best out of your timelines and announcements.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Dashboard, click on Timeline Express >> Settings.


Step 3) The first step is to give your Timeline a title, and to position it. You can also change the size of the header from H1 to H2, H3 or lower.


Step 4) You can change the Time Frame of events from Future Events, Past Events or to show both by using the dropdown menu provided.


Step 5) Choose the display order of your announcements based on how you want them to show, e.g. chronologically (ascending) or otherwise.


Step 6) You can get the announcement excerpt length based on the amount of characters (25 min and 200 max) you feel is needed to do it justice. You can also set it to random length by ticking the box next to to number instead.


Step 7) You can set your date visibility between visible and invisable using the dropdown provided. The date is shown next to the icon on the announcement.


Step 8) There is a read more… button available for each announcement, which opens up the larger version of the post. You can take this away by changing the dropdown menu to Invisible.


Step 9) The default icon for your announcement can be change accordingly, as well as the default colour of the announcement and the background. You can also add shadow and line colour into the mix.


Step 10) Once you have set up the style of your announcement, the next step is to set up a No Announcements message (a default is already in place, as shown below). You can also choose to delete all your created announcements when/if you choose to install the plugin.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Create an Announcement in Timeline Express .


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