How to Configure the Display Settings with Our Team

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The second step in the guide to the Our Team Enhanced WordPress plugin will take you through the display settings of the plugin, and how you can configure to your liking.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Admin Panel, scroll down and click on Our Team >> Settings.


Step 3) The Team View settings consist of choosing the template for which your team will be viewed in, including a grid or list view. Your can also add a number of columns and change the row height and margin for the team boxes.


Step 4) The Display section is where users can decide whether to show the team members name, title and social media icons. You can also choose how many members to display in your team box, and the main colour for the display.


Step 5) You can change the settings for single member profiles next, including setting the template for the team profile (default is single post) and whether you wish to display their social media profiles.


Step 6) On the Demo section, you can see the four different templates available to you to display your team profiles on your site. This is a demo of the team view templates available to choose from (See Step 3).


Step 7) On the right hand side, you can view a YouTube video created by the developers of the plugin that will take you through a basic setup of the plugin.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Create a Team Member Profile with Our Team .


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