Configuring Easy Social Share Buttons – Network Names Display Setup

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In this section of the guide to the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin, we will look at the Network Names display setup.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, click Easy Social Share Buttons to display the Main Settings tab.

Step 3) Click the Display Settings tab.


Step 4) Scroll down until you see the Network Names area and click to select.


Display Options

Step 5) Complete the fields as outlined below:

A. Hide Social Network Names Selecting Yes will display only the social network icons by default and the network name will appear when you hover over a button. The default value is No.

For this example, the default value of No was not changed.

B. Always hide network names on mobile Place a checkmark in this checkbox to hide the network names when a mobile device is detected (only the social icons will be displayed).

For this example, this field was checked.

C. Don’t show network names when hide social network names is activated Only place a checkmark in this checkbox if Hide Social Network Names was activated above (see A.). Then this option will disable the network name pop up and only buttons with icons will be displayed.

This option is activated by default on mobile devices and can not be turned off.

For this example, this field was left unchecked.

D. Don’t show network icons Place a checkmark in this checkbox to display only the network name inside a button without an icon.

This option must not be used with hidden network names or the counter position inside the button will have not display properly.

For this example, this field was left unchecked.


Step 6) Click the Update Settings button to save any changes.

Social Network Names Replace

In this area you can enter text that will display instead of the default Social Network Names inside the buttons.

Step 7) Make any changes as needed.


Step 8) Click the Update Settings button to save any changes.


Prior to moving forward, we recommend that you view your site to see the changes applied above and make any modifications as needed.

The next step of the guide will focus on Configuring Easy Social Share Display Settings – Counters.


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