Configuring the Email Settings of the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin

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The third step in the guide to the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart WordPress plugin will show you how to configure the email settings of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, scroll down to Settings and then click on WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart from the dropdown menu.


Step 3) On the toolbar at the top of the page, click on Email Settings. Click on the WP Simple Cart Homepage link if you want more information about the plugin, and to watch a video tutorial.


Step 4) The Purchase Confirmation Email Settings section begins with the option of sending emails to a buyer once they have made a purchase. If you choose to do this, simply tick the box provided.


Step 5) The next step is to set up the From section of the email, starting with the Email Address you’ll be sending the email from, and following on with the Subject and Email Body.


Step 6) If you tick the box marked Send Emails to Seller After Purchase, you will be sent a copy of the confirmation of every purchase that is made. This is useful for keeping records and inventory management.


Step 7) You can set up the emails that the seller will receive in the next section, including setting the Notification Email Address and Subject, then the email body that you will receive.


The next step in the guide will show you how to set up coupons and discounts.

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