Configuring Foo Gallery for Use with WordPress

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The second part of the guide to the Foo Gallery WordPress Plugin will guide you through the general and extension settings, so that you get the best out of the plugin and your galleries.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To find your settings, head to FooGallery >> Settings from the Dashboard sidebar.


Step 3) The FooGallery Settings are split into two sections: General and Extentions. We’re going to take a look at General first.


Step 4) The first settings to take care of are the choice of default Gallery Template. You can choose from the Responsive Image Gallery (which will work on any desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile device), Masonry Image Gallery, Simple Portfolio or a Justified Gallery.


Step 5) By ticking the box marked Hide Gallery Template Help, you will hide any of the helpful tips that come up when using some gallery templates. New users should leave this unticked, whereas advanced users might find these intrusive.


Step 6) You can set default gallery settings once you have created more than one gallery. The default settings will be related to one of the galleries created. Save changes once completed. You can restore defaults too, by clicking on the button provided.


Step 7) On the main Galleries Settings page, switch to Extensions to see the settings for your extensions. Here you will find the Use Beta Endpoint settings, which will sometimes show extensions that are not available publicly. Tick this box to enable them to show here.


The next step of the guide will show you How to Add a New Image Gallery with Foo Gallery.


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