Configuring Forms Appearance and Behavior in Ninja Forms

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The second part of the Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin guide will take you through the process of getting the settings right for you forms, and the plugin itself.

Step 1) From the Dashboard, scroll down to ‘Forms’ on the left-hand sidebar and choose ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu provided.


Step 2) There are three options available for the settings – General, Labels and Licenses – and the first one is ‘General’. From here, you can check to see whether you have the latest version of the plugin, as well as choosing the date format and currency symbols that will show on your forms. Click ‘Save’ when you’re done.


Step 3) Click on ‘Labels’ next to get started on setting the labels that will feature on your forms.


Step 4) The first section of ‘Labels’ is making sure that you get across when a field is required to be filled out, and the symbol that signals this to the user.


Step 5) When errors are being made on the forms, there are labels that are required to let the user know. Here are the default ones, but you can change them around if you wish.


Step 6) When the user needs to add an email address in their form, you need to let them know in the label. The same with when they finally submit their form, they need to know that their form is being processed. Change the label text if you need to.


Step 7) There are a number of extensions available for the plugin, and if you install and activate these, the licenses for these extensions will show up in the Licenses toolbar, as shown below. You can then activate the licenses and use the extensions.


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