Configuring Your Instagram Feed in Instagram Feed for WordPress

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The second step in the guide to the Instagram Feed plugin will show you how to configure your settings so you can get your Instagram feed up and running on your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Dashboard, click on Instagram Feed from the Admin Panel. This will take you to the settings page, which is split into three sections via the toolbar at the top of the page: Configure, Customise and Display Your Feed. There is also the option of finding support for your plugin. Let’s focus on Configure for now.


Step 3) The first step on the configuration settings is to Log in and get your Access Token and User ID from Instagram. This will connect your account with your website. Click on the button to get started.


Step 4) You will be redirected to your Instagram account, where you will be asked to Authorise the plugin to access your account. Click on the green button marked Authorise to link them up and get your access token and user ID.


Step 5) Your Access Token and User ID must be copied and pasted into the fields shown below. When you save changes at the end, this will connect your Instagram account with your website.


Step 6) The next step is to choose where to show photos from. This can be from your account (enter your User ID) or – if you have the Pro version – a chosen hashtag from Instagram.


Step 7) You can check or uncheck the Preserve Settings when Plugin is Removed setting depending on whether you wish to keep your settings from being deleted. This means that you can uninstall and reinstall the plugin without losing your settings.


Step 8) When navigating your site, if your theme uses Ajax to load content into your pages (meaning your page doesn’t refresh) then check the setting. If you’re not sure then contact the author of your WordPress theme to make sure.


The next step of the guide will show you how to customise the Instagram feed that shows on your website.

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