Configuring the Settings of the Easing Slider WordPress Plugin

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The second step of the guide to the Easing Slider WordPress plugin will guide you through the process of configuring the settings of the plugin so that users can get the best out of its features.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, head to Sliders >> Settings.


Step 3) The settings page is split into two sections: General and Licenses. The General Settings begin with Asset Loading. This sets where the plugins scripts and stylings are loaded. You can choose between the Header or Footer of your website.


Step 4) The Data Settings option is used if you want to completely remove any data when/if you uninstall the Easy Slider plugin. Check the box if you wish to do this.


Step 5) The Licenses section is where you can register your extension licenses. The extensions are paid add-ons that can be purchased from the developers website and then added to your site via this section. Follow the link to see your extensions.


Step 6) To see all of your Extensions for Easing Slider, head to Sliders >> Extensions, and then click on Browse All at the top of the page.


Step 7) Below is the full list of extensions available to users, including Videos (for creating video sliders on your website), HTML captions, touch and swipe and the general Pro Bundle add-on. These are all paid extensions, so give them a click and pay for a license if you want them on your website.


Step 8) Once you have purchased your Extensions, you can add them to your site by heading to Sliders >> Settings and then going to Licenses. Add them here and then hit Save Settings to get your extensions up and running.


The next step in the guide will look at how to create a new slider.

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