Configuring the Settings of the WP Photo Album WordPress Plugin

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The second step in the guide to the WP Photo Album Plus WordPress plugin will take you through the process of configuring the settings of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Photo Albums >> Settings. Click on the Do a quick initial setup button to get started.


Step 3) The quick setup table will appear. Click on the link marked click on me to open up the table of setup questions that will get you up and running.



Step 4) Go through the list of questions that appear on the table and choose Yes or No for each question from the dropdown at the end of each question. This will give you solid grounding for the huge amount of settings that are coming your way for each section.


Step 5) The settings page is split into different Tables, which in turn include various settings for each section of the plugin, including Image Sizes, Visibility, Backgrounds, Behaviours, Fonts, Permissions and Restrictions, Actions (split into Harmless and reversable actions – backup settings, regenerate photos, etc., and Clearing – including page counts, ratings and more), Miscellaneous (SEO settings, slideshow elements, etc.)

Click on each table to bring up the host of options for each.


Step 6) It would take years to go through the settings/options for each section, and they are predominately based on what the individual user wants from the photo albums and the features available to them. Below is an example of the first section of settings under Table 1: Sizes, which are in relation to the size settings for your images, including column width, resize on upload, and much more.

Make sure you go through each section in detail, and use the Setting section at the end of each option to configure your settings for each one.




The next step in the guide will show you how to create a photo album.

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